Saturday, May 8, 2010

So here it is, the day before Mothers Day. The Race for the Cure is tomorrow and I will not be participating. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.
This week, I worked in Philly and drove right by the Art Museum where they are setting up for the Race this weekend. It was like a little twist of the knife in my wounds. But it is what it is. My knees are still a mess and my back has been giving me problems for the last couple of weeks so I'm not going to risk doing further damage. I will be there in spirit. The Race really isn't about me anyway (I know, surprise!) It's about all of the women and men who have bravely battled or are battling breast cancer. Some, unfortunately, have lost the battle but many have won. My friend, Jen, is one of those winners. She just passed her 5 year surviversary this past week. I only met Jen after she had been through her treatment but I cherish my friendship with her and am so happy God has blessed me with her and her family. I am hoping that next year, I will be able to participate.
I am still on weight watchers, although I have to admit that I haven't been as good as I should have been. I'm planning on changing that this week. My downfall is not writing down what I eat and keeping track of my points. I have an idea in my head of how many points I'm using but I'm not putting them down on paper which can lead to overeating or just eating the wrong things. So that has to change this week. As a matter of fact, my WW buddies and I made a pact to change that this week. So I will be digging out my tracker. I am currently 15.5 pounds down and while I'm happy about that, I still have a ways to go so I have to keep on following the program and not let myself slip or get discouraged.
This week I did start something new and fun. I started volunteering at an animal rescue shelter. I will be walking and playing with dogs, which is my dream job. I looooove doggies and I'm so excited to be making a small difference in the lives of animals that have been rescued from some really awful situations.
So, tomorrow, while I won't be racing, I will be spending time with my family at church and then out to lunch after church. I know my husband got me a wii fit for mothers day so I'll be looking forward to using it. My daughter, Caity, surprised me with beautiful flowers today and they really brighten up the house.
I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day, whether you are a mother, aunt, sister,grandmother, daughter or son!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, yet another weigh in has come and gone. I actually love going to my Weight Watcher meetings. Some people like to just come and weigh in and do not stay for the meeting. Actually, I do this sometimes if I don't have time to stay. But I get so much out of those meetings if I stay. Whether it's a recipe or two, or just a bit of inspiration, I always come away with something I can use.
The trick with the WW meetings is to make them your own. The meeting I go to is the most convenient time for myself and my two buddies to attend. I have been to other meetings that I might like the leader more but to me, it is more important to have the friends to go to the meeting with. I have done WW many ways and it always works best if I have buddies to be on the program with me.
This week, a couple who have lost a whole bunch of weight shared some products that they have purchased that are really low in points. That is really helpful stuff if you ar looking to try different things. Last week, the leader discussed exercise and how it can really boost your weight loss efforts, even if it is only 20-30 minutes a day. So I walked a lot last week. It did help because I wasn't exctly following the program very well last week. I ate out a lot and didn't keep track of points like I should have. But I walked just about every day and sometimes twice a day. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got on that scale this week. But, alas, I lost another 1.8 pounds. That brings me to a total of 13 pounds lost so far. Not bad.
I know I need to get better about writing things down. That is always the first thing I stop when I'm on WW. I get comfortable and know the points value of the things I eat regularly and so I don't write it down. But I know this is dangerous. So, I will work on that.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Progress is being made!

Well, apparently some people actually read this thing. I've heard from a few people recently that were wondering if I fell off the Weight Watcher wagon since I haven't posted in a while. Sorry 'bout that. The answer is no. I am still riding the wagon, although, I will say at times it's a bit bumpy, never the less, I'm still hanging on. I just haven't been inspired to blog. Call it writers block, laziness, whatever. So reader, I apologize! I will make an effort to blog more regularly.
So I know what you really want to know is how much weight have I lost, right? HA! If I told you right away, what else would we have to talk about???
Honestly, it has been slow. But I'm really ok with it. Old Tina would get discouraged and give up. New Tina don't play dat. I realize that a. I am older hence, a slower metabloism and b. because of my stupid knees, I can't exercise like I used to. About a half hour of walking and I'm done, in pain and need to rest. So I don't move as much, which makes everything move slower, if ya know what I mean.
So I am just going to keep on going and gradually increase my activity. Which brings me to my new goal. I really, really, really want to participate in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on Mothers Day (May 9) this year. That is less than a month away. It's only a 5K (3.1 miles) which is nothing if all your parts work right. My parts are not working like they used to so it will be a huge challenge for me to finish. My husband doesn't want me to do it because when I did the race 2 years ago, was when my knees really went south. But I want to try. I hope he will not only understand, but do the race with me.
So that is what I am working towards. I have been trying to get out at least once a day for 30 minutes of walking. Then I come home and do my PT exercises to strengthen my knees and hips.
I have to admit, since being on Weight Watchers and eating better, I am feeling tons better too. So I have more energy to get out and "train" plus the weather is getting nicer and that makes it a lot easier.
So I guess I will tell you what you want to hear. So far on the program, I have lost11.4 pounds. I know it doesn't seem like a lot in 7 weeks but like I said before, I'm ok with slow and steady. If I can just keep doing what I am doing, I will be sporting a bikini by summer 2011! Or at least I should be in a comfortable size and feeling healthy. As we used to say in my Mary Kay days, How do you eat an elephant??? One bite at a time! Baby steps.....

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week Two - Bring it on!

So weigh in was a bit disappointing. I was sure I had lost atleast 3 to 5 pounds. I was telling my friend in the car on the way there how I knew I did well. I could feel it already. Whenever I've been on WW before, the first week has always been the best as far as total weight loss. So imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and looked down and saw the total. Surely, my eyes were decieving me! I lost a grand total of...wait for it... 1.6 pounds! Woo hoo! NOT! Now, I know what you are thinking...I've heard it already..."1.6 is great" "it's better than gaining" "blah, blah, blah" I know it is best to lose weight slowly and most weeks, I would be happy with the 1.6. I was just really hoping that the first week, I would get a little boost.
Oh Well.
But, don't worry, I am not deterred! In the past, I may have gotten discouraged and frustrated and maybe fallen ""off the wagon" but this time is different. This time, I know that quitting is not an option. So I will press on.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Weigh in tomorrow!

Well, I'm almost done my first week on "program" and I'm feeling pretty good.
Today was a bit of a challenge because we got more snow. This has been the snowiest winter on record, or something like that. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a bit of snow. It's so beautiful and peaceful. The first time. Then is just gets dirty and gross and I just want it to go away. We have had several large storms here this year. Being from Colorado, I am used to snow, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Anyway, my instinct on these snowy days is to just stay inside, watch movies or read and, you guessed it...EAT! When I am at work and hungry, it is much easier to pace myself. I know I only brought so much food, which I packed in the morning, carefully calculating the points value. But at home, I know that I am only limited by the contents of my pantry! So, while I admit that I didn't have the fruits and veggies I should have today, I was still able to stay within my points! YIPEE!!! I weigh in tomorrow morning and I'm looking forward to it, cause I know I've lost something. I can't wait to see how my girlfriends did!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with daily post about my mundane eating and exercise habits. It's just while I get adjusted to this new "way of life" then I will probably cut back on my posts.
Today was much better. I was not as hungry all day. I was able to stay within my points easily. Don't get me wrong, I was still hungry but it wasn't painful today like it was yesterday. When I got home from work, I had some pudding that I had made with skim milk. Pudding is very filling so that tied me over until dinner. Did I say dinner???? Well, let me just say, dinner was delicious! I made the Mexican Meatloaf recipe that is in the Week One booklet. Wow! Delish! Dave even really liked it. I think my kids might even like it, too! It's so wierd cooking every night when they are not here. My fridge is so full of leftovers! So guess what's for dinner tomorrow night? You got it...leftovers!
I'm a little concerned because we are supposed to get another fairly large snowstorm starting tomorrow into Friday. I'm concerned for a couple of reasons. 1. I am supposed to drive to Reading for work on Thurs and Friday and Harrisburg on Saturday to watch our son, Alex, play at the Pennsylvania Christian Teen Conference. It's a pretty big venue, the largest one he's ever played at before, so I really want to go and see him. 2. I'm nervous because what does everybody do when is snows??? They hunker down and eat 'til it's time to shovel! I don't want to do that. So maybe you could say an extra prayer for me?
Anyway, I've really enjoyed seeing your comments. It's pretty cool to know that there are so many othere people on the same journey with me. We can do this!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Two

No headache when I woke up today. Praise God!
Painfully hungry all morning. Had lots of low point snacks but nothing seemed to satisfy. Felt better after luch but it didn't last long. Broke down and had some gummy bears (4 points) on the way home from work.
Got home and made the WW veggie soup which I ate to tide me over until dinner, it helped. Had dinner. Still hungry! UGH!
I'm hoping my body adjusts soon to the limited amount of food I am taking in. I know it will get better but right now it's painful.
I did manage a short walk before dinner.
All points used up today. Gonna tap into the reserve...I've got to have something!